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Chestatee White

Chestatee White Wine Details
Price: $11.99 per bottle

Description: Vidal Blanc is an exciting French American hybrid that produces outstanding and versatile white wines. No snobbery here, Vidal can hold its own with the best of Vinifera. It can be used to make a dry wine or sweet dessert wine. Our Chestatee White is light and fruity and not too sweet. It reminds us of the hearty Chenin Blanc wines of the Loire Valley's Vouvray. This the winegrape grown in Georgia to watch!

Varietal Definition
Vidal Blanc:
A white French hybrid once widely planted in the south of France, it is more suitable for growing in warm and humid climates like the South. These vines are prolific, producing large golden berries, suitable for eating out of hand as table grapes. When vinified, Villard Blanc makes a fruity, mildly intense white wine (somewhat Sauvignon Blanc like) of fairly neutral and simple flavors. Primarily used for blending.
Chenin Blanc:
Classic white varietal of France's Loire Valley and now grown throughout the world. Known for its rather unusual 'wet-wool', 'damp straw' aromas, it tends to be more floral than fruity when young and gives high acidity, growing well in marginal climates. It ages well and its susceptibility to 'botrytis'* produces some of the great sweet wines of the Loire, for example Quarts de Chaume and Vouvray. It is grown widely in South Africa where it is known as 'Steen'.


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