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Vineyard Reserve Wine Details
Price: $36.00 per bottle

Description: The 1999 vintage was particularly kind to Carneros red varieties. A long growing season with just enough rain, a warm late summer and a moderate fall, led to well-balanced grapes. This wine has Old World style, showing nice structure with aromas of dried herbs and olives, yet it has the unmistakable voluptuousness of a sun-drenched, California born beauty. The color of the wine is deep, rich violet. It has aromas of stemmy dark fruit backed by a delicate hint of clove and bayleaf. Dark plum and velvety cocoa dance with dried cherries and smooth annins. The result is a wine that combines a respect for its forbears with a singularity of place nurtured and accentuated by RSVs dedication to organic and biodynamic farming methods. Terroir Lives!


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