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Lano Rouge, San Luis Obispo County

Lano Rouge, San Luis Obispo County Wine Details

Description: Brown sugar and raspberries swirl with floral notes of rose petals and the sweet smell of watermelon. The mouth follows this path into a denser fruit with black pepper and licorice. The wine finishes long with firm but refined tannins and polished, dark fruit flavors. Just when you think the flavor ride has stopped, you get a lingering hint of the watermelon again. The range of the Lano Rouge will make this wine a true crowd pleaser. It is the perfect wine for that mixed dinner party. It will make your wine geek friends happy and Aunty Em from Kansas will be amazed that she has finally found a wine she likes. As a side bar…this wine is a great treat for summer. Serve it chilled, it's wonderful right from the cooler.


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