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Grignolino Port

Grignolino Port Wine Details

Description: The Grignolino grape variety is so flavorful that it is a perfect match to make Port. The 2000 Grignolino Port is a beautiful dark garnet with an aroma that is reminiscent of orange blossoms. Rich and lush in the mouth with just the right amount of sweetness that lingers on the palate. This is indeed a refined, elegant Port that is soft and approachable for today’s enjoyment.

Varietal Definition
Indigenous to Italy’s Piedmont region, Grignolino is only a minor grape in its homeland, where it makes light red wines with characteristic herbaceous and floral aromas. Less than 50 acres of Grignolino exist in California, where only a small number of wineries utilize this variety. In the Golden State, the most recognized Grignolino is the rosé long made by Heitz Wine Cellars.


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