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St. Mary's Mountain White

St. Mary's Mountain White Wine Details
Price: $8.99 per bottle

Description: Treat your taste buds with this perfectly balanced desert wine made exclusively from Niagara grapes. The bouquet is intoxicating with soft musky floral notes and hints of dried fruits. Excellent layers of salivating sweetness with honey, cooked pears, marmalade, pink grapefruits and a crispy citrus acidity that leaves a cleansing, lingering finish begging another taste. Tiny fruit yields and strict selection processes have meant that this exciting dessert wine delivers a serious experience for a modest price. Once you open this bottle of wine you won't want to put the cork back in the bottle. Fantastic with dried or fresh fruits, nuts, cheeses, & cheese cake. Gold Medal at the 2002 International Wine Competition. Silver Medal 2002 Arkansas State Fair. Bronze at the 2002 Wines of the South Competition. Gold at the 2003 Wines of the South Competition. Bronze 2004 International Wine competition.

Varietal Definition
A native American grape varietal, the Niagara is often referred to as the "white Concord." Widely grown in New York, it is a popular table wine, vinified in a slightly sweet style, though the best producers tend to minimize its inherent foxy (a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky) qualities.


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