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Clos Electrique Blanc

Clos Electrique Blanc Wine Details

Description: This is the winemaker's favorite wine for 2002. It is also the bookkeeper's favorite wine, the vineyard manager's preferred wine and the absolute creme de la creme for the CEO of Cameron Winery. Confession: this is a really small winery and I wear all of those hats but my wife would do flips over it if she could do flips...she does do pretty cool cartwheels though! Five different clones of Chardonnay (5) and one clone of Pinot blanc were fermented with the ambient yeasts from the vineyard and left to age in older barrels for 21 months. You could easily lose it in a blind tasting of white Cote de Beaunes.

Varietal Definition
Chardonnay is by far the most widely planted grape crop in California and dominates California’s cooler, coastal, quality wine regions. The natural varietal ‘taste and smell’ of Chardonnay is surprisingly unfamiliar to many wine drinkers, as its true character is often guised with dominating winemaking signatures. Chardonnay’s rather subdued primary fruit characteristics lean toward the crisp fruitiness of apples, pears and lemon, but the variety’s full body is capable of supporting a host of complementary characteristics, such as oak, butter and vanilla. Regardless of what is the appropriate style for Chardonnay, the varietal continues to dominate vineyard plantings in every corner of the world. Close attention to clonal selection has made this broad geographic and climactic range of Chardonnay viable in thoughtful viticultural hands.
Pinot Blanc:
White grape popular for the dry white wines it produces. Increasingly grown in California, the Northwest, Northeast, Canada.


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