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Powder Hill White

Powder Hill White Wine Details
Price: $13.65 per bottle

Description: New release. This sweet white wine is made from Vignoles (veen-oles) and Cayuga grapes which are grown at Cameo Vineyards. You’ll be pleased with the flavors of peach and apricot. Serve chilled. Winner of a gold and silver medal.

Varietal Definition
A hybrid cross between the Johannisberg Riesling and Seyval Blanc grapes. Makes a fruity white wine of mild intensity somewhat similar to Aurore. Widely grown in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and other cool regions of North America.
Commonly grown in the cooler regions of North America, this french-american hybrid used for making white dry, late-harvest and ice-wines has its origins in the Chardonnay grape. Currently very popular as a dessert wine because of its restrained fruitiness and good balance. Same as Ravat.


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