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Ruby Glow

Ruby Glow Wine Details
Price: $11.99 per bottle

Description: A sweet, red Illinois table wine. A big, bold wine that is best served with red meats and more robust flavored main meals. It is a wine designed to be enjoyed now, and if allowed, for many more enjoyable years. A blend of French and American oak, it finishes with a silky velvet feel on the palatte. Made from Foch and Rougeon.

Varietal Definition
The Rougeon grape is a French-American hybrid with hardy vines that produce black grapes in medium-sized, compact clusters. It is used in blending to provide a rich red color.
Marechal Foch:
A french-american hybrid grape, with french Alsace Gamay origins, noted for producing deeply colored and strongly varietal wines considered by some to have a "Burgundian" character. Also known under the name Foch.


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